In Awe


I apologize for taking so long posting an update! I can’t believe it has already been 3 weeks since I landed here in Accra! I have been overwhelmed by amount of support, and love here at AIS, and from all of you back home, I can’t thank you enough!

Its hard for me to sum up what life has been like here in Ghana over the past 23 days. Since the moment I landed it feels like I haven’t stopped moving. Each day is full of new challenges and blessings. I have moved into a new apartment, set up my new classroom, met my students, and already taught for 10 days! My mind is completely consumed with planning, check lists (mostly losing my check list and trying to remember what was on it), deadlines, each one of my students…etc. It never stops. In college, when I would procrastinate until the last minute, I could multitask. I could rehearse the lesson I was teaching the next day in my head while I was driving, or buying groceries, or drinking a cup of coffee at my favorite place. But when you move to a new country and you are suddenly a foreigner to everyday life, driving to work, grocery shopping, and even sitting in a cafe is no longer easy.

Driving anywhere consists of catching a taxi and bartering price, catching trotro, or walking (a lot). Grocery shopping involves a lot of math converting from the USD to GHC, and walking in circles trying to find your way around the store. Sitting in a cafe enjoying coffee may or may involve electricity, ordering your coffee in the dark is strange. I am overwhelmed by the tasks of being a first year teacher, at the same time as learning how to live everyday life. You may read this and think that sounds awful! And to be honest sometimes it’s not great.

BUT through all of the stress of teaching, and moving to a new country God continues keep His promises and show me that He is in control! Below are just a few of the countless moments that have filled me with joy and complete awe in His perfect will for my life.

  • AIS staff prayer walking throughout the school, for each classroom, staff member, and student
  • When asking my students the 4 basic needs that all living things need, one student replies “water, sun, air, and….the Holy Spirit!!”
  • A student finally understanding a math strategy and jumping up and down with joy when she go the answer right!
  • All of the smiles and greetings I receive walking to and from school (practicing my twi-local language)
  • Going to a coffee shop to plan but the electricity cuts out and spending the night laughing and talking with new friends
  • Being surprised by a day out and dinner for my Birthday! I’m so blessed to be surrounded by those here at AIS!
  • Following two girls maybe 9 or 10 to school carrying 5 gallon buckets of water on their head with ease (thinking me and Jenna should have tried this method at the County Fair)
  • Walking through “Chale Wote” an art festival in Accra, taking in this beautiful culture I get to live in and experience!
  • Worshiping with believers from all over the globe every Sunday morning

I could go on and on and on! My class’s verse this week is Philippians 4:4-5.  Yesterday and today we have practiced 4:4. “Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice” We shout Rejoice as loud as we can, and each time I think I am so unworthy to serve a God this good. But through grace He has called me His daughter, and I will rejoice that I get to serve Him everyday!


  • Please pray for my students! That God will overfill our classroom with His presence
  • For AIS staff! That we would push through stress, and business and focus on His purpose!
  • Health for the staff and students

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for me through this transition! Please feel free to message/email me if you would like me to pray for you!